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Outer Vision is the ITALIAN TOUCH & DESIGN that has inspired over the last 20 years, many projects and challenges. Changes based in innovation and technology were leading our company. Fast reactions in facing changes as well as consistency and persistency in our believes together with a high responsible commitment in each project were always present in this long path.

OV, was born based in our relationship with music and quick reactions to changes. The constancy and our beliefs mixed with a high commitment in our projects, are values present in our career.

We are design specialists since 1994, developing and printing clothes for our own collections. We work with exclusive licenses, always persevering:

- High quality products

- Responsability in our commitments 

" ...Italian Touch that inspired for over the last 20 years... "

Rebellious clothing, that seek the comfort, which adapt the and made with high quality cotton. We apply natural dyes, that way, our products come to life. We trust in what we do, we love our work and we enjoy applying the latest technological advances without damage the environment.

We respect the client and work, at all times, to find and identify with quality garments. This way we ensure that our consumers understand and value, as much as we do, the value and effort that we apply when creating it.

Above everything, we seek having a good relationship with our customers.We want to be part of your project.

The creativity of our team has no limits. At all times we impregnate our creative footprint in other types of garments, so we can be present in stores and collections, which in the past we dreamed and which are now a reality.

"At OV, we know how to work and develop the world of licensing, we can work to develop your private collection"

OV creates, designs and cares for the environment, pampering the customer at all times. We are oriented in the relationship: "Freedom, Comfort and Quality", since our garments are created to enjoy free time and leisure time.

The main objective of Outer-Vision is the development of projects, from the first idea to the finalization of a product, making it unique.

At OV we know how to work and develop the world of licensing, so we work to develop your private collection, and put it at your fingertips. We also design our exclusive and special garments, bringing to the market very natural collections.

We are at your disposal to talk, listen and enjoy creating your collections, do not hesitate to share with us, under absolute confidentiality, all those projects that you find difficult to fulfill. We will make them real.

If you are looking for a specialized service that carries out its original products, make it stand out from the rest with unique appearance and high quality, do not hesitate to contact our team. Outer-Vision can be, definitely, the perfect companion for your projects.

100% cotton and high quality garments

Uniques Garments

Complex developing products, carefully hand processed.

Special Dying and Prints

Each single piece is  unique . Contrasting colors as well as an intense hand work.


100% Cotton soft Feel. Individual Character, Carefully design and produced

OV-Fashion and its Design

The simplicity of a T-shirt taken to the originality of our catwalk, creating an elegant and comfortable piece.



Functional and practical garments easy to assemble and wear.


Dyed with funny prints with an unexpected touch of combinations and some shocking themes.


Garments with design features smart, modern and aesthetic


Original garments, so they stand out in the market


Garments made of natural cotton, dyed with minerals, always attentive to the environment

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If you are looking for a specialized service that carries out your original products, highlight the rest with a unique appearance and high quality, do not hesitate to contact our team. Outer-Vision is the perfect companion for your projects.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

Your Team OV